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Class of 1970


Bev Berry

I've done so many things since high school, it is hard to know where to start.
    Finished Cosmetology school and was a hair dresser for one year before I went to college (SBCC, Santa Rosa Jr. College, Sonoma State, and finally UCSB) and received a BA in Sociology and my Secondary Teaching Credential.
    Taught part-time at Santa Barbara High School working with pregnant teens and teen parents for eight years over a twelve year period.  Also taught Family Health in Summer School.
    Owned two maternity shops for four years, one in Santa Barbara and one in San Luis Obispo.
    Started and was Executive Director of The Adoption Center in Santa Barbara for seven years.
    For the last seven years I have been a consultant and trainer, with a primary focus on Communication, Teamwork, Cultural Change, and Public Speaking.  I have traveled extensively for work throughout North America and
to Australia.
    And... I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up. :-)
    I am single (yes, again!).  I've been married three times and am now sure I am best off with the single life.
    I have five children (Jason - 29!, Heath - 25, Tyler - 21, Shylene - 15, and Sherissa - 14) and no grandchildren :-(  However, Jason is getting married next year so maybe by the 35th reunion I'll have at least one. Obviously, Shylene and Sherissa are still at home.  They are adopted and only six months apart.  They are finishing their freshmen year at San Marcos and are on the Marquettes dance team (obviously not my biological children).  All of my kids have gone to Santa Barbara or San Marcos.  I have been unable to get any of them to attend our Alma Mater!
    I also have a black Pomeranian named Prince who brings me a great deal of Joy.
    I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the 30th year reunion, even though my middle-age spread has hit! :-)
Best Regards to All

Tim Bristol

First I'll thank Steve Schalla for his input and now I'll fill in some of the blanks. That is, I'll fill in as much as is prudent. I'm fairly certain that any actions which in retrospect may seem crazy or indiscreet were, at the time, an awful lot of fun and a harmlessly adventurous signature of my humble place within our generation. Selective memory is a luxury of the aging process, or the techies might call it 'compression software'. Still, to quote the Grateful Dead, "What a long, strange trip it's been!" I went to SBCC for about a year and a half during the early 70s, and BSed (not a kind of degree) my way to better grades than I ever got at DP. Mostly, I flirted around and hiked in the canyons and hung out naked in the sun. I worked enough to know that I didn't really like to work very much. My various jobs included but were not limited to: firefighter (USFS), leather goods artist, rock and roll singer, real estate (I hated the selling but learned about buying it), solar energy educator, bartender (1 night), etc, etc. I hitch-hiked up and down the Pacific Coast several times, before the ratio of psychos increased dangerously. I travelled to Mexico several times and all over the West, with extended stints in Taos, NM and Sitka, AK and Friday Harbor, WA. I received my advanced degree in Hippie Cultural Studies at UHK (University of Hard Knocks), a 'roads' scholar so to speak. To quote former DP teacher Jan Ratliff (my realtor boss), "Tim, some people go to school . . . others go to escrow." So I went to escrow in '76 on a house on the Riviera in SB (I still own it for rental income). My ultimate chosen profession, by process of elimination, was building construction. I liked carpentry and the building process and enjoyed periodically receiving unemployment insurance so I could hang out naked some more. I parlayed that into working for the County, which for a career non-worker is like hitting the lottery. Actually, I did some good there, first in the Housing Rehab Loan Program and later as a Building Inspector during the 80s. I became a General Contractor in 90 and worked on several obscenely ostentatious ego-boxes in Montecito and Hope Ranch, from which I was rewarded favorably. During the late 80s and 90s I also worked on my own spec-building projects, from 93-97 in Paonia,CO and 97-99 back in SB. The latter of which gained enough value to allow me to retire to Costa Rica in Fall 99 where I can now hang out naked in the hammock overlooking the blue Pacific. 

If I haven't used up more web-space than Lornie or Farb I'll tell you about my family: My wife Linda is a UCSB Geology grad, the smart one in our gene pool. We married in 87 after living in sin for 4 years (forgive me, Christian brethren). She worked part-time for several years as a geologic cartographer and then for the County Planning Dept., as well as being a mom to our 2 daughters. Zoe is 10 and Eva is 5 so we will have a while to wait for grandchildren. Our girls are the lights of our life and I feel real lucky to be able to spend my time with them. We're all getting pretty good at Spanish and are making friends here in tranquil Nosara. We boogie-board alot and I howl back at the Howler monkeys in the trees and if you come visit I'll put my shorts back on. Peace and Love, Tim Bristol


P.S. If anybody finds Jeff Coursey, let me know

Terry Brown
(information provided by Jarred Mills)

Terry went to SBCC, UC Berkeley and San Jose State where he completed a degree in meteorology. He worked as a meteorologist for the Navy in Monterey for several years, and married a State Park Ranger who was working at Big Sur. I've had no news for at least 10 years.

Tom Bruice

(information provided by Steve Schalla)

Tom has a couple of PHd's from MIT and Cal Tech. And a MD out of Georgetown in nuclear medicine.

Nora Qudus(Buchalter)

I was thinking about DP and "has it been 30!!! years" just the other day when I got the reunion notice. I was not very
special and I doubt anyone would remember me. But I am Nora Buchalter, now Nora Qudus. I am a college English professor at St Philip's College in San Antonio, Texas. Before I came to Texas, I spent 17 years in theatre doing plays in Calif(north-SF, Santa Rosa, and the Merced area. Married late (1987) to a geologist who is  a college professor, He is from Pakistan. No children. Lots of rescued cats. So I have a AA in Drama, a BA in English, and a MA in English literature. A Ph.D is lurking but has not caught me yet. I don't know if I can be at the reunion, since I don't know my teaching schedual yet and Fall starts in Aug here. I am not tenured. It has been nice to email,  don't ya just love these things, I wish I had one in the olden days:-)

John Burgess

I was very pleased to learn of the whereabouts of several of those listed, and am glad to offer an update about myself. I went straight in to UCSB, majoring in Physics with a math minor, but dropped out, after switching to an EE major, in my Junior year. Seems I just got caught up in working full time at Raytheon in Goleta, and enjoying the scenery of life. I also got very serious with an old high school friend, Rosemary Underwood (DP class of '72), and we set up house in Santa Barbara. I worked my way up the corporate ladder at RESD, holding a dozen different positions over 23 years, including test technician, test engineer, test supervisor, test manager, and finally program manager. The stock options and bonuses were pretty cool, but the ever decling defense budgets kept driving the political challenges toward the forefront. I decided it was time for a career change while I still had some energy left,
so I cashed out in September 1995 and switched to the hearing health care field-- seems out there; but the same people, technical and business skills are required every day, and most importantly, I'm my own boss; and I love it. I
have two offices, the main one in Santa Maria Target Shopping Center on Betteravia Rd. and the second in Nipomo, 10 miles up the road. Rosemary and I will hit our 25th anniversary next Summer. Rosemary works for a Veternarian in town, about 2 blocks from my office and 1 mile from our home in "Foxenwoods". We have two children: Tim is 20 years old and enjoying himself a little too much, in and out of school and sales jobs around town. Sarah is 17, attending Righetti HS, and just got her drivers license and car. She is a good student and very responsible, but she has her mothers' bad High School habit of boys, boys, boys. It aint easy being a Dad. In short, life continues to be good to us. We're not rich, but we're happy!

If you have any knowledge of Greg Sheppards' whereabouts, I'd love to make contact.

Russell (Rusty) Burke

(information provided by John Burgess)

Finished up the Coast Guard Academy and left after his 5 year hitch was up. He moved to Arcata, Ca and married a Nurse. He went back to school at Humbolt State and picked up a civil engineering degree and was working as a surveyor last I knew. I tried to look him up when passing through Arcata in 1995, but apparently he had just moved out of the area; so I'm out of touch.

(information provided by Jarred Mills)

Russell is still in Arcata. He worked for Humbolt County as a Planner for awhile, then had his own marine electronics business, and most recently has become a lineman for PacTel. He and his wife Suzanne (who is a surgical nurse at the Mad River Hospital) have two children, Miles (17), and Rebecca (13). 

Charles Burns

I teach at a college currently as chair of the PSY division, but I'll put in for time off.
Since DP, I floated around Goleta for two years working at Goleta Valley Hospital and attending SBCC.  Then I went to bible college from '72-'76 and got a BS in ministry.  In '76 I moved to Phoenix to marry my wife of 24 years and produce a son. Zach, which is now 11 years old  I've worked in the minisrty/counseling field after receiving a Masters in Counseling and becoming state certified in Arizona with a CPC (Certified Professional Counselor).  I am currently finishing up a Doctor of Education degree in college administration.  Now I am the Dean of Students at a college and also teach counseling and Psy retated subjects.

I have yet to attend a reunion for DP.  I'll make a stab at this one on Sept 23

Pat (Pati Coe) May
Spearfish, SD

After High School I went to Bible College for one year in Salem, Oregon. Married my high school sweetheart, Bill May, in 1972. (Not from DPHS) We have three daughters, 3 sons-in-law, 3 grandaughters and 1 grandson. Our daughters are
Angela (23), Idella (20) and Sandi (20). Yes they are twins. It's been a fun time. Our grandkids are the best thing that happened to us since our daughters were born. We even like our sons-in law. We lived several places in California after Bill got out of the Air Force in 1975. We moved to South Dakota in 1989 and wouldn't move back for the world. We wanted a safer environment for our girls and we love it here. My husband, Bill, works at a Saw Mill and I work for a State Farm Insurance Agent and am licensed in 4 lines of insurance. I've been looking for Anne Turner who graduated with us and I haven't seen her since graduation. She had a brother a year or two younger than us and I know both her parents passed away in 70 or 71.

Gail Copley

Went to college after graduation and between marriages and raising two daughters have attained a BS in Accounting from Sonoma State, MS in Psychology and MS in Education, Ph.D. in Psychology and Ed.D. in Education. Have worked as an accountant, teacher of K-12, High School Counselor and Administrator and most recently an Elementary school Principal. Daughters Michelle (23) and Jennifer(24) are both married. Have a step-daughter Cindy(22) who was married on 11/7/98. Have 7 grandchildren and am raising two granddaughters from my husband's oldest daughter. They are Ashley(6) and Ciera(3). Needless to say life is full and busy. Am actively pursuing a Superintendency position in
NO. CA. or Colorado. Our favorite state is Colorado and we hope to move there eventually. There is always that hope of winning the Lottery!!!!!! Would love to keep in touch. The closest I get to Santa Barbara is to drive through occasionally. Those who have managed to stay, hats off.

Doug Corbin   Doug_Corbins.jpg (5140 bytes)

After UCSB, I went for an M.S. in Imaging Science at RIT (Rochester Inst. of Technolgy). Then, got a job with Polaroid in Boston in new product development (6 years). Went to Itek Optical Systems in Lexington, Mass. for 3 years doing image quality studies for classified govt customers. Finally, I went to Kodak in Rochester in 1988 and was there until 1996 when I went on educational leave to get a 2nd MS (Color Science), again at RIT. I am still a single guy after all of these years. At this point don't know if I'll be returning to Kodak.

The saga continues.....
Well, I didn't return to Kodak.  In fact, in late 1998, I went to work for a company called Applied Science Fiction - huh? you say.  It's a company in Austin, Texas that has a lot of novel imaging technologies such as Digital ICE that's used in film scanners and ASF has Digital Film Processing (see at

I don't use my old CompuServe email much any more.  Much better to use my work email which is above.  I've also attached a funky Polaroid passport picture of me taken last month (5/2000).

Richard Crestfield

Rich is married, three daughters (17, 15 & 10) Living in Florida...

Laurie Ann (Desrosiers) Ogden

After graduation, I didn't know what to do with myself, but since dancing had always been "my place to go", I moved first to North Hollywood, and took many classes in classical ballet.  It was difficult and didn't last long, and through the rest of '70 and most of 1971, I lived a variety of places in southern California, mostly dancing (ballet, jazz & modern).  On New Year's Eve day, 1972, I flew to NYC (the BIG APPLE), to be with my closest friend, Susan Hunter from San Marcos.  I went to a few classes in NY and found that even though I had great talent, I was too short for most companies, and gave up the 'professional' life OOOOHHHHH :(  For the next two-1/2 years I continued to live in NYC, though, working for Jack LaLanne Health Spa and the American Cancer Society.  Life was not heading in any direction at all, so I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to live with my sister and grandfather. It seemed better than 'just floating'. (Ya know! it never even occured to me go to college - not ever!! Hmmm?)   That was at Christmas-time 1974, and in Februrary 1975 my life completely turned around for the positive.  I was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and that March met my future husband (he was raised in the Church) We were not married until 1 year later, in March 1976, in the Provo, Utah Temple.  We had our first child, Amanda Lynn, the following February, 1977, Emily Marie in November, 1978, Olivia Erin in August, 1980, George Lloyd in April, 1983 and our fifth and last, Sarah Jane in August, 1986.  Amanda was married in 1996, had our first grandson, Blake Sterling, in June 1998, and (unfortunately, divorced in 1998).  Emily is to be married this May 13, 2000 and Olivia was married in March, 2000.  George is a junior in high school and Sarah is in 8th grade.  All of our children were in the top concert & jazz bands of their schools, playing flutes, clarinets, bass clarinet, contra-bass clarinet, trumpet, mellofone, french horn, tenor sax and baritone sax.   They also have been in a variety of choirs, stage plays (musical & drama), and Emily did many, many years of gymnastics, both club and high school, where she earned state and national high school titles, and was team captain 3 years.  George wrestles, and usually makes it to district finals tournments.  Sarah is a soccer 'feind' and loves the position of 'goalie' best, and wants "desparately!" to play for the high school team next year.   My husband graduated from the University of Minnesota, St Paul Campus, in Veterinary Medicine, and we've lived in Minneapolis; Payette, Idaho; Longview, Washington, and for the last 13-1/2 yrs, in Vancouver, Washington, where he is the Assistant Director of the Labratory Animal Department at (O)regon (H)ealth (S)ciences (U)niversity.   Amanda will soon move, with her son (augh!) to SLC, Utah to try to remake her life, Emily and her husband, Carlos, will finish their schooling at BYU, she in health occupations, he in the computer field.  They will live in both Virginia, and Argentina.  Olivia and Tim are both going to be teachers, she in music, he in biology & chemistry. They will stay in Vancouver for at least another 3 years, then possibly move to Florida, to work for Disney World in their respective fields.  George wishes to be a dentist and Sarah - well, then there's Sarah!  She really hates school and is allergic to all 'school projects'. I have known all my life that I am allergic to peanuts and recently had an "accidental" anaphalactic reaction that actually 'killed me' for about 5 minutes.  Due to the heroic and talented efforts of OHSU doctors, they revived me, and I spent 7 days in the hospital, regaining my strength.  It was a horrible experience, and, obviously, hope never to repeat it!  That brings me current.  I hope that the reunion is a fun one - it's hard to believe that we've been out of high school for 30 years - my brain still feels 18 (tho' I can't say the same for my body!)  

Love and God Bless, Laurie Ann (Desrosiers) Ogden, Bryan, Amanda & Blake, Emily & Carlos,
Olivia & Tim, George, and Sarah.

Ken Doty & Charlene (Williford) Doty
(information provided by Robin McCarthy)

Running the family ranch in Goleta. They have kids, but I don't remember how many.

Len Everson
(information provided by John Burgess)

Graduated near the top of his class at UCSB in Physics and Computer Science and also took a job at Raytheon, Goleta in Software Engineering. He was still there when I left in 1995, as a department lead. He married a Computer Eng/Supervisor and lives in Carpenteria. Len has 2 children, Erik and Julie

Linda (Farber) Lane   lanelTN.jpg (1232 bytes)

    After high school, I moved to L.A. in March of 1971 to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.  While living in L.A., I worked at Bullock's and then Pierce National Life Insurance Co., married in 1973, divorced in 1975 & returned to Goleta.  I worked at Heyer-Schulte (the "boob" factory) for 9 1/2 years.  I had a 7 year relationship with Russell Merrick and have a wonderful 20 year old daughter, Misty Merrick, from that relationship.
    In 1985, Misty and I ended up in Ashland, OR where my most of my family had moved to in 1971.  It felt wonderful to be back again with my family after 14 years of living 650 miles apart (one brother, Bruce (Class of 72 - San Marcos) still lives in Oakview, near Ojai).  Over the 5 years I lived in Ashland, my brother, Keith, my sister, Lorelle, sister, Karen (DP class of 69), and my mother and father all moved away to Eugene, OR, Seattle, WA, Mt. Shasta and now Sacramento, Baker,OR, and Palm Desert, CA respectively.  Talk about a complex ( I move up there and they move away)!!!    I worked in the Housing & Residential Life Office at Southern Oregon State College for 5 wonderful years.  Instrinsically the most rewarding job I've ever had even though the pay left a lot to be desired.   I got very involved in the metaphysical community, working on fund raising, becoming a Board member, and singing in the choir for Unity of Ashland.  I had my extended family with those folks.
    In July of 1990, while camping with my daughter and her best friend's family, I met a friend of their friend  and 31 days later he asked me to marry him.   Misty and I moved up to Eugene Labor Day weekend of that year and Steve and I were married in July of 1991.  My brother Keith, who had moved to Eugene while I lived in Ashland, transferred back down to Southern Oregon State College in Ashland two weeks after I moved to Eugene!!! (My fault for sending him literature on a new major, Environmental Science, that he wanted to work on.)
    Oh yeah, in August of 1990, I got a voice message from Lorni (Rebec) Jarmie saying she had moved to Eugene OR in Jan of 1990 and asked me if I was I going to go to the 10 year reunion!!  We got together a few times after I moved up to Eugene and eventually, she starting working where I was working at Spectra-Physics which is now called PSC, Inc.  Lorni got involved in our conversion to SAP (for you business software savvy people) and eventually left to be an SAP consultant.  She and her husband, Bruce, and her stepdaughter, Lauren moved to central Oregon, I believe it's Crooked River, outside of Redmond about 1 1/2 years ago.  She is now working for a small company in the Bend/Redmond area.
    I have been working here at PSC since October of 1990.  I have been working in the Human Resources field for over 17 years.  I am the Human Resources Information Systems specialist working with the database with all our employee information among other duties.
    Steve and I have a son, Alex, who is 7 years old.  (What a challenge to give birth to a child when a lot of my classmates are having grandchildren!)   Boy, what a difference from Misty!!!  Misty has always loved school and is transferring to Oregon State University next fall,  She is majoring in Sociology and has been working at a local credit union since she was 16, and going to school full-time.   She is now also volunteering for the local women's shelter.
    Alex is a dynamic BOY.  School is a challenge for him and he recently started a visual therapy program that has started making quite a difference for him!!  He loves cooking, Pokemon, his dog, Cooper, baseball, swimming, not necessarily in that order.
    Sorry for being so chatty, but I never was in high school... Don't think I'll make it to the reunion because of school schedules but I'll be checking this website every few days.  I love hearing about everybody.

Debbie (Hager) Brown

I married Paul Brown (San Marcos graduate 1970) in 1973. We have 3 daughters: Sarah is 23. She married Jason Baker a year and a half ago. Jenny is 20 and just married Zach Hanna last weekend. Melissa is our youngest. She is 17 1/2 and will be a senior in high school. We lived in Goleta for years - on the same street I had lived on when in high school. Paul works for Capitol Hardware. I stayed home with the kids then worked at various jobs over the years. Five years ago, Capitol Hardware bought a store in Paso Robles. Paul came up here to manage it. The girls and I followed 16 months later. We were able to buy a place with 14 acres and it has two houses on it. We bought it together with my parents. They live in one house and we live in the other. It is out in the country with beautiful, peaceful views and we love it. We are very involved in our church here. Paul sings on the Praise Team and teaches a Sunday School class for young adults that I help with. So far, our married children are staying close by and we hope it can stay that way. I am working in a dental office. Though we are only 2 hours away, our lives have been so busy that we rarely come to S.B. We've had our ups and downs and God has been extremely faithful. We will be celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary this coming September. High School seems a million miles away.

Bob (Robert) Hampton 

Motorcycle Web Page:

Hobbies: Build and play on Computers, Motorcycles

Right after HS I moved to Sacramento, could not find a job and joined the Air Force in August 1970. Would you believe it, they put me in computers (as an operator). Like I even knew what a computer was back then. I was stationed at Los Angeles Air Force Base (back then it was Air Force Station) in El Segundo California (located one mile south of LAX). I was there until April '74.

I met my wife in September '73, and we were married in June of '74 and moved back to Sacramento. I reenlisted in the Air Force (July '74) where we stayed for 1 1/2 years. In January '76 we were sent to Germany (Hahn AFB) for 3 years. We then spent 1 1/2 years at Alexandria, Louisiana (England AFB). I got out of the Air Force in August '80 and moved back to El Segundo, where we lived for 5 years. In '85 we moved to Palmdale California for 8 years. Five of those years I was working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena. I was laid off from there in '93 and found a job in San Diego. We moved to Murrieta CA on September 11, 2002.

Back in '82, I decided that I had a go nowhere career, so I started attending West Coast University. After 4 years of part-time schooling, I obtained an AS degree in Computer Science. I kept it going for another couple of years and finally got a BS in Computer Science. that was in  October of 1988.

My wife, Chris, and I, have five boys, yes, that's 5. Bobby and his wife, Mandy with a son and daughter. Our second oldest, Justin lives in Seattle with a son and daughter. Our third son, , Aaron, (who's 6'6", tied for 8th place in the California High School (CIF) Track and Field State meet for Pole Vaulting at 15' (Spring '98)  & his wife, with two daughters and a son. Our 4th son, Dereck is getting married in September and Brett graduated from High School last June on our 33rd wedding anniversary.



Larry Harter


After graduation from DP went to UC Berkeley and received a degree in Genetics.  Went on to Medical School in Nebraska  and finished Radiology training at Stanford & UCSF.  In 1982 I dragged Nancy, who I met in Berkeley and married in 1974, back to SB where we have been living ever since.
I am a partner in the Pueblo Radiology Medical Group & chief of radiology at St. Francis Medical Center.  This is where Ron Brown & I got reacquainted as we work there together.  I have also been fortunate to serve with several youth organizations including the Boys & Girls Club, Goleta Youth Sports Association and am the current President of the Santa Barbara Water Polo Foundation.  In my spare time I practice forensic medicine serving as an expert witness in legal cases.
While I thought DP was far behind me, it has come around full circle.  My daughter Anne graduated DP in 1998 and now attends UC Davis where she majors in English & plays water polo.  My son Jake is a junior at DP.  Jake keeps busy with his sports (water polo & swimming), plays trumpet with the SB Youth Symphony  and Jazz Band along with his academics.  My youngest Julia is in 8th grade @ GVJHS.  I am in a second year of a term on the DP site council.  In addition, my wife Nancy was the DP PTSA President for two years and is now running for the Santa Barbara School Board.   Those of you living in for Nancy Harter for school board.
As I have not been chosen to the cast of Survivor II, I will look forward to catching up with people at the reunion

Jeff Hurnblad & Debi (Pintur) Hurnblad

We have been married 27 years and lived here the whole time. We have 4 sons all grown and out of the house. Our youngest boy will be 22 in June.  We love the empty nest thing ( it's only been a short time ).  We do a lot of traveling and working on the house.  Jeff plays a lot of golf too.  We have had an automotive repair business in Goleta for 25 years, Airport Motors.  He rebuilt a car in high school, and found he like working on cars.  While in the Air Force he worked on C141s and just fell into the car thing after we were married.
Jeff used to have a BMW 750 motorcycle, I think.  After his partner went down on one and he had a small accident, he hasn't had another one.  He still talks about getting one, but we bought a 31ft motorhome instead.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.


Linda Jack (Kate Rogers)

Hi there, Classmates! Was known in school as Linda Jack, but have since taken on my middle name (Kate) and the name of my ex-husband (Rogers). My best girlfriends were Linda Moore, Jessica Loomis, Anne Goodman, Eloise Clark and Karna Williams. Ohhh, the trouble we managed to concoct! I know where Jess and Lindy are, but none of the rest, so if you here from them....
Sounds like our class was strong on military! In high school, I was one of those stoned-out hippies, always protesting, which OF COURSE is why I have become a conservative Christian, working as a legal secretary for a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Washington State. The short definition for that is: I R O N Y
Mother of 3 children I am MOST proud of, two in college and one still at home. My son earned a full-board scholarship to U of WA, and hopes to go to medical school, already volunteering at the oncology dept. at the U. I do a bit of demonstrating too, having contracted chronic Hepatitis C in the 70's. I run a kitchen table support group and am affiliated with a well-known West Coast HCV organization, Hepatitis Education Project. I attend seminars, demonstrations, etc. re HCV, to have the most current info, and to make contact with other leaders in the field. Additionally, I donate hours to counseling on-line those newly diagnosed. For the most part, my life is quiet and peaceful, living in a redneck, one-stoplight town. On my treks to Seattle, I realize I am always glad to get home. My kids raised a number of 4-H animals (imagine us running barefoot thru town at dawn, trying to corral runaway lambs). Good friends, peace of mind and at rest in my soul.
Oh yes, my email addy:

Debra Jackson  Debra_Jacksons.jpg (5385 bytes)

WHERE I LIVE: I live in Northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area. I live in my own home in the east bay area. PERSONAL: Not married. No kids. Was married, however. How's that for a short story :-) PROFESSIONAL: I work for Target Corporation in their Informations Systems Division. I work in their Hayward, California office. The main office is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I develop distribution center/warehouse/transportation systems. WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING SINCE H.S. I moved right after high school to Santa Rosa. I greaduated from Santa Rosa Community College and moved to San Jose and graduated from San Jose State College. I went to work for Mervyn's as a trainee. I worked as a store area manager and then moved up to corporate headquarters and worked in merchandising as a planning analyst. Then one day I complained about a new system that was installed and my manger put me on a committee. The next system installed everyone loved...and the rest is history. I got into systems development in merchandising and then moved over to distribution systems. I've been doing systems development for 10 years now. REASON FOR JOINING CLASS-MATES: To see if there are any old class mates that may have moved to bay area or some who may want to get in touch where ever they live.

John Kenyon


Married to Maud Huey in 1977 with three children, Dillon a Sophmore at the University of Northern Colorado, Alexis a Freshman at Nordoff High School Ojai, CA and Bruce a sixth Grader at Ojai Valley School in Ojai. They have numerous cats and a dog, the dog gets most of the attention. John would rather not talk about his past as his lawyer recommends, nothing can be proven, but let's let bygones be bygones. John and most of the family live in Ojai, CA would like to hear from anyone who can remember him. Remember Sex drugs and rock and roll? I remember the line but somehow I missed the action. Maybe you had to be like Tim B... what was I doing? I would desperately like to hear from Chris Olsen, Susy (Shannon) Askew, Michael Strickland (Class of 71) and Hap Ponedel and of course Mike Whittemore who lives in  South Carolina, and Margret W. Boulder(environs). If any of you are in contact with these fair people tell them to give me a call.

John Kenyon
828 foothill lane
Ojai, CA 93023
805 646 7410

Patti (Trish) Langdon
(information provided by Robin McCarthy)

Married to Al Katje, lives in Goleta and has 2 children.

Thomas Lehman

Thirty years ago I was convinced I wanted to be a marine biologist. I don't have much excuse except that I loved to dive. After two years at SBCC, and another two at San Francisco State University, I had my Bachelors degree in Marine Biology and went back to Santa Barbara. From 1974 to 1977 I worked as a biologist for a small consulting firm on Ortega Street named Oceanographic Services, Inc. I remember making a whopping $2.65 an hour with a bonus of $25.00 a day for diving over four hours, which sounded great to a guy that had eaten his share of peanut butter sandwiches for the preceding four years. Needless to say I wasn't getting rich, but I was living on my sailboat in the harbor and generally enjoyed the work and subsequent travel to Alaska, the Canadian Arctic, and lots of California coastal cities needing environmental monitoring work done. I fell in love with a woman who was as entrenched in the SB SoCal life as much as I was, so we masochistically moved to the Pacific Northwest with no job prospects and pulling a horse trailer (full of ornery Arab mare), just to prove we could do it. We settled on Vashon Island in a thundering rainstorm that lasted 6 months or one NW winter. Vashon Island is just west of Seattle in the Puget Sound. Islanders (of which I am not considered one because I've only been here 23 years now, and my grandparents didn't pioneer the mills or old strawberry fields) are proud to point out that our Island has no bridge, therefore making it a REAL island, an honor that comes with the pain of commuting on the Washington State ferries. My first wife, Laurie, and I had the our one and only child, Charles Baird Lehman (we call him Baird), in 1982. I had found a job at the University of Washington on the Research Vessel Thomas G Thompson after a couple of years working as an engineer for the K2 Corporation (you know, snow skis?) I spent over three of the first seven years at sea working on the UW research ship. The rewards were seeing lots more of Alaska, but also China, Japan, Hawaii, New Guinea, Mexico, Panama, Truk, Pohnipei, etc while staying in the ocean sciences. Though a life at sea didn't provide the perfect situation for staying married to my first wife, I did meet my second (and last) wife, Sheryl, on the ship. Lose some, win some. We built our own home on the island, and as it turns out, that was a great decision. The Seattle area has grown tremendously in the last two decades and we are considering moving to California to get away from all the people. However, life on rural little Vashon stays very slow-paced unless you are trying to get a cheese Danish at Bob's Bakery on Saturday morning at exactly 9:30!

I'm still at the University of Washington working as an Oceanographer after 19 years. Recently I have taken part in experiments in Antarctica and the Arctic, including lots of under-ice diving, but less frequent long trips, though I still have a yearning to see new places. Sheryl gave up her career at sea and went back to school to become a dental hygienist so I hope anyone who comes to the 30-year reunion has been brushing regularly, she'll ask! My son, Baird, is 17 and finishing up the 11th grade. He actually studies, which he must have got from his Mom's genes! He plays soccer on the O'Dea High School team, and admits to knowing that girls me! Will wonders never cease?

I'm looking forward to checking this web page for more news of old friends...... Hope to see you in September.

Gloria (Lydy) Bean

I married Gary in August 1970 2 months after I graduated. In the following years we had 2 daughters and a son.
I stayed home and raised them until Gary was promoted to Store Mgr of Vons Grocery Co and was transferred to
Las Vegas, NV in 1979 where I got a part-time job at Vons in the Pharmacy for 2 yrs. Our 3 children are all
grown up and we have a grandson, Ezra who is 18 mos old with a sister due in September. I currently am employed
by McKesson Water Products working with distributors in selling Sparkletts and Dannon water. My husband left
Vons 5 years ago and is employed by Southern Wine & Spirits. We love Las Vegas and have seen many friends and
relatives through the years as they visit our city. We have been back to visit Santa Barbara many times over
the years. We both have family there.


Robert "Rob" Marvin

I live in Kerrville, Texas with my wife Carol and two of my three daughters, Sarah ,16, and Victoria,14. Melissa,19, is a freshman at U of Idaho-Pocatello. We have lived here for four years and love the "Texas Hill Country" culture. My stepson, Aaron,24, wife, Sally,20, and grandaughter Krystina, 18 months, live nearby. Grandpa & Grandma love to spoil their girl then send her home to mom & dad!
Would like to hear from Y'all.

Luz (Silvia Maynez) Engelbrecht

First, thank you all of you who have shared about yourselves via Bob.

Presently, my life's journey has led me to Sacramento! Have been here a little over a year and it is fun learning how to live in a big city, for a change. I currently work for the Center for Collaborative Planning, Pacific Health Institute, coordinating the statewide Women's Health Leadership program. It is a tremendously exciting and most positive work. We are building capacity in policy and advocacy and women's health issues with a diverse group of emerging women health leaders from grassroots communities across the state. Our website is still under construction, but you can take an early peek at:

In 1991 I left Santa Barbara to work as a health educator in Susanville, CA, Lassen County. I love rural living - and this is a great place if you like the outdoors. The Susan River and the beautiful Bizz Johnson trail run right through town so there is lots of hiking, cross country skiing, incredible fishing - just a stone's through from the Lassen Wellness Center where I worked as director. Here, I met Fred, my husband #2 (my first husband died in '77). He is a gifted bass player/musician, jack of all trades, and a blessing in my life.

Yes, I have a daughter, Julie, she is about to turn 22. She's living in Arizona, taking a break from college and deciding whether to go back to UA or start paying on her school loans. I miss her!

After DP, I was unable to accept a scholarship in journalism at Stanford and went to UCSB instead, changing my major at least 5 times. By then, my focus was no longer journalism, I had developed a deeper appreciation for the
environment and wanted to teach outdoor/environmental education (NOLS grad ''73). I was also in the midst of discovering my American Indian heritage which is Chumash Indian. I ended up at Humboldt State majoring in Natural
Resources (recreation). Worked as a wilderness ranger for the USFS for awhile - but, when I was widowed and became a single parent, I started looking for work that would keep me closer to home. I did go back to UCSB in '86 and received a liberal studies degree in history, sociology, and counseling in '87.

Robin McCarthy   RobinMcCarthys.jpg (5337 bytes)
: ramc

After high school I went straight to UCSB majoring in math. I got burned out after 3 years and dropped out to join the work force. I worked in Accounting at S.B. Bank and Trust for 5 years before moving on to Payroll Administrator at Applied Magnetics. After 3 years in that job I had the opportunity to pursue my original goal of becoming a programmer.

While still at Applied Magnetics, I took a job as the night shift computer operator so I could attend school during the day. At the same time, I started my own consulting business. When I wasn't in class, I was working for attorneys, accountants and various other businesses setting up their accounting systems on computer. After 3 years of working nights, I finally had my degree and was promoted into the programming staff at Applied Magnetics. In 1994 I left Applied Magnetics for QAD, a local ERP software company in Carpinteria.

I was fortunate enough to buy a condo in Goleta 15 years ago. I've never married, but came close once. My 15 year old dog is my only child, and believe me, he certainly is a spoiled one. I've had a variety of interests over the years including needlework, tapping dancing, photography, computers, investing and some travel.

Glen McNay & Celia Lamb

Glen McNay
After graduation, I completed two years at SBCC with a   Physics degree.  Then I transferred up to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and completed my education with an Electronics Technology BS.  I was hired during that last month of school by Hewlett Packard Company and now 25 years later I still work for them.  It is a great fit.  I completed 6 months of training in the Bay area and then took a transfer to Richmond VA.  I figured I would work out there for a couple of years to get some experience and then transfer back to the West closer to family and friends.  Well, it took almost 21 years to come back west.  In 1996, I transferred to the Bellevue, WA office and work as a computer systems engineer.  My job involves quite a bit of travel around the nation.
I dated Celia Lamb in high school and a year after graduation, we were married.  This summer we celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary.  Quite a feat nowadays.  We have six children, 2 girls and 4 boys ranging in age from 25 years down to 14.  None are married so we don't have any grandkids yet.  We are now settled in North Bend, WA which is a small community east of Seattle.  It is rural and very beautiful.   Last year I took up bicycling on the wonderful trails around us.  I still snow ski and love to camp and visit around the US.  I am active in our church, the LDS Church, so service there takes much of my free time.
If you are ever in this area, look us up!

Celia (Lamb) McNay
In the fall after high school graduation, I attended Brigham Young University for a semester.  When I became engaged to Glen (see above Bio) I transferred down to SBCC to finish one year of college.  Then I worked and put Glen through college.   Most of that time I worked for Bank of America in their data processing.  Our first child, a daughter was born just weeks before Glen graduated from Cal Poly.  I retired from banking and began a 17 year career as a full time homemaker.  It is a great job.  I can't say enough about being home to raise my kids, teach them, and watch them grow.  As things progressed we discovered that 4 of our kids had ADHD and learning disabilities.  This is why I have so many gray hairs and I am so young!!   I started a parents' support group and ran it for about 10 years, working on the local, state, and national levels to improve the educational opportunities for kids with ADHD.  During that time, I also met some wonderful deaf people who taught me to sign.   I became a sign language interpreter in our church (LDS).  Later, as our youngest child entered kindergarten, I returned to college and earned a certificate in American Sign Language and became state qualified to interpret.  For four years I worked as an interpreter in the high school level and at the local community college.   It was very gratifying work.  After we moved to Washington, I interpreted in the community college and also finished my AA degree.  I am now back to being a full time homemaker, homeschooling my youngest son.  As he moves on to high school next fall, I hope to go back to school and finally finish my college education!  For fun, I sew, read, do crafts, and serve in the church and community.  I have taken up bicycling with Glen and I travel with him whenever possible now that our kids are older.  
This summer Glen and I will travel to Goleta with our family to celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary.  It will be the first time we have been there in about 12 years.   We wonder how it has changed.  Who still lives there that we might know?   Can we find some of our old favorite places?  It will be exciting to share this beautiful city and its memories with our kids.

Laurie Miller
(information provided by Robin McCarthy)

After high school, Laurie went to UC Riverside and UC Davis where she earned her B.S. (in one of the sciences, of course). She then went on to the University of Iowa at Ames to get her Masters. Laurie married Keith Landa in 1973. They have one son, Erik, who is 15. Her last known whereabouts were Indianapolis, IN.

Jarred Mills

After leaving Dos Pueblos, I went to Cal Berkeley to study Civil Engineering. I completed a BS in '76, and a MS in Sanitary Engineering in '80. I've worked for a number of SF Bay Area public agencies over the years including San Francisco International Airport, the Port of Oakland, and East Bay Municipal Utility District. In 1980, after completing my masters, I joined the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District in Walnut Creek to do research on the biological removal of phosphorus from domestic wastewater. After that work was done, I moved to a number of other jobs with the District including design of treatment plant and sewer system facilities, long-range facilities
planning, industrial waste source control, household hazardous waste collection, financial planning, and most recently chief of the group that does permiting, plan review, inspection for development projects and capital improvement and financial planning.

While a freshman in the first coed dorm at Berkeley, I met my wife, Janis. We've been married for 26 years and have three children: Tim (17), Matt (14), and Melissa (9). We've lived in Orinda (between Oakland and Walnut Creek) for the last 20 years. Janis works as a clinical laboratory scientist at Summit Hospital in Oakland.

I would like to get in contact with Terry Brown...does anyone have any info?

Jan Peaslee

Hello, all. Here is an update on my life after high school....After graduating from D.P. I was married to Don Knapp who I had been engaged to since my junior year. I had planned to go to SBCC and study nursing and began in Sept. of '70. I hated it and dropped out. My husband was a commercial fisherman so I hit the high seas with him and we spent a lot of time together making a living. After a couple of years, I started working at Cathedral Oaks Elementary School. I loved working with the kids on the playground, ran the afterschool sports program, and worked in the office. I gave birth to a daughter, Joey Ann, in May 1973. I kept working and was able to take her with me which was wonderful. In Nov. 1978, we had a son, Mark  Robert. When he was 2 years old, we became foster parents and were able to care for 16 foster children over the next several years. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. When Mark went to school, I started working for Animal Crackers Maternity Shop with Bev Berry. I worked for her until she closed. I then went to work at Jed's Needlecrafts at 5 Points Shopping Center until 1987.For several years, my marriage was in distress. We tried counceling, separation, and every avenue until we could no longer go on. In June of 1978, I packed up the kids, our dog and cat, and everything I owned and moved back to Laurens, Iowa. Any of you that knew me at all, knew that I came to Iowa every summer and spent my vacation months with my Grandparents, who lived here. I always loved it here and felt like it was "home". Since I couldn't make it alone in SB, we needed a change, and I knew it would be a good place to raise my kids, we made the move. Boy!! what a move it was. As I look back now, I don't know how I did it. But, it has worked out well. I rented, and then bought, and older 2 1/2 story house with 4 bedrooms and a full basement for $27,000!!! We still reside it in today. Joey, being the oldest, and ready for high school, had the hardest adustment. But, the kids did well and were able to do so many things that they wouldn't have been able to do in CA. In high school, Joey was a cheerleader, in drill team, in chorus, and went to All State in her speech class. Mark, was in chorus, and was on officer in FFA,(Future Farmers of America!) for 3 years, and was awarded the highest state award in his senior year. He even farmed his own 1/2 acre of land for a junior project! Fun, fun, fun. We have a volunteer fire dept. here and he was a junior fireman in his jr. and sr. years of high school. He was appointed to the fulltime fire dept. when he was a freshman in college. He was the third generation of our family to be on the dept. So, as you can see, the kids were busy.I got a job at the grocery store in our small town in 1988.After about a year, I became a checker and loved it. We have 3 registers so the checking jobs are a little hard to come by!!! I worked there until 1994. I didn't do much in the "men" department during this time. I was happy being with my kids, working, and being with friends. I joined the ladies bowling league,with the gals from the store, made even more friends and even became a decent bowler. But after about 3 years, I did start to wonder if I would ever find another loving relationship. But, in this town of about 1700 people, all "the good ones" were taken. Or so I thought. In the fall of 1990, at the bowling alley, I saw this guy sitting at the bar alone. I knew his name, but not much more. We started talking and he was just going through a divorce and was devistated by it. My heart really went out to him, we talked for a few minutes, I encouraged him by telling him that it would get better, in time, and that was about it. But, the next week, on league night he was there again, and the next week, and my girl friend said, "Jan, I think Darrell is really interested in you." I laughed and went on without another thought. But, that is how it began and we were married in June 1992 at my parent's farm, 8 miles from Laurens.He has two sons, John who is 20, and Brian who is 16. John lives with us now, is going to college, and is joining the Army and leaves the 2nd of August. Brian is a junior in high school and lives with his Mom. My daughter, Joey, has a son, Christian, who is 6 and is the joy of my life. They have lived in Laurens until 2 weeks ago, and have moved to Minnesota. She is teaching preschool there. Mark, now 21 has a new baby boy, Jared Robert, and has one more semester in college until he receives his bachelor's degree. He has one degree in criminal justice and will have his bachelor's in sociology. He wants to be a highway patrolman after graduation.He lives about 4 hours from us so we don't get to see them nearly enough. Thank goodness for the phone and email!!! In 1994, I wasn't feeling real well so I went in for a check up. One week from that check up I was in renal failure and on a dialysis machine. To say the least, it was life changing. I had to drive 70 miles, round trip, on Mon., Wed., and Fri. to a hospital and be on a dialysis machine for 4 hours and then drive home. I had to quit my job and life was a challenge. I did feel pretty well though and my wonderful husband never left my side. I finally got on a transplant list in Jan.96 and had a transplant in June 96. I had to have another surgery 2 weeks after my transplant and the next winter, I fell down icy steps and shattered my ankle and had to have surgery again. In 98, I developed a huge hernia from my transplant and had to have another surgery and it took over 3 months to heal. I can say, I never dreamed I would have the strength or courage to go through all this. If not for the love of God, my wonderful husband who never left my bedside for weeks at a time,my wonderful parents, and my children, I wouldn't have made it. But, I did!!! And, I am thankful and still kickin'.At this time, I am now working for a small trucking company, Ahlers Enterprises, Inc. Occassionally, one of our trucks goes through Santa Barbara, so if you see them, be sure to wave and think of me.I won't be able to make it to the reunion but I will be there in spirit. I would love to hear from any and everyone. I send my best wishes to all. Most fondly,
                             Jan Peaslee Ahlers
                             303 South First St.
                             Laurens,Ia 50554

Anne Pena

I am single and live in Huntington Beach.  I lived in Santa Barbara, through 1979.   While there, went to SBCC and worked at Santa Barbara County General Hospital in their Fiscal Services Department, in Accounting, Purchasing and Human Resources.  In 1979, I moved to Orange County and took a position with Main Line Embossing, a printing company in El Monte.  I worked in several Administrative positions, Human Resources, Accounting and Customer Service.  The company was sold in 1987, so in 1988 I took an Administrative Manager position and opened an office in Irvine for  Radian
International.  Radian International, is a Environmental Engineering Consulting firm.   I attended UCI and took several courses in Facilities, Human Resources and Purchasing.  Radian was recently purchased by URS and I am still with the organization.  I have retained the  Administrative Manager position and currently coordinating an office move to their offices in Santa Ana.

Dames & Moore/Radian International(Div of URS)
Ph:  (714) 433-7723
Fax: (714) 433-7701

Iris (Priestaf)

.... when I left Dos Pueblos, I went on to UCSB, where I started out in Geology, but graduated in Geography. I worked briefly in their Remote Sensing Unit, where I spent a lot of time peering at air photos and satellite images, figuring out crop patterns and estimating crop irrigation. Then I decided to go on to grad school at UC Berkeley. I spent seven years in grad school--a long time for a hand-to-mouth existence-- but it was worthwhile. I came away with a husband, a PhD, and a job. In grad school, I started working part time for a civil engineering professor and when I finished, I started working full time.
I've been at the same company for 20 years, doing consulting work on groundwater resources. We're a small company of 11, mostly geologists and engineers. We find and develop groundwater for water districts and cities, and also investigate groundwater contamination. It's not all work for me, though; I do have two boys, Robbie (11) and Michael (7) and really enjoy them. So, you can see that I'm a real stick in the mud. Same city, same job, same husband for 20+ years. And no real regrets. I have not kept in touch with Dos Pueblos grads, but intend to go to the 30 year reunion.

Lorni (Rebec) Jarmie
web page:

30 years is such a long time.  I look back to my high school years and can't believe how much I've changed.  The earliest change occurred shortly after high school.   I attended SBCC for 2 years but did not stick it out for my AA degree.  I had no clue what I wanted to do but I was very lucky.  I became interested in, of all things, dirt bikes because my brother did it.  I met a wonderful group of people who went desert racing most weekends and I discovered that there was actually something athletic that I could do.  If you don't think riding a bike is tough try going 80 miles across open desert as fast as you can in 115 degree heat.  Just finishing the race was an accomplishment.  The most amazing thing was that I started winning.   I guess that when you really love doing something you eventually get good at it. The group was also very into running and walking and health.  I formed some good habits that have fortunately stayed with me.  In the meantime I worked a bunch of bullshit jobs to sustain life but (this is the lucky part) was given a chance at a job as a receptionist by the wife of one the guys in the group.  She took me under her wing and become my mentor.  She gave me a crack at working with the computer and I loved it.  Started by doing data entry and worked my way up to system administrator then on to system operator.  I've been working with computers ever since.  Never got the programming bug but have always done system operations/configuration. In the mid-80's I started playing beach volleyball.  I was getting in shape and decided to take advantage of the great SB beaches so I took a class.  I played for 3 years and was very fortunate again to get in with a marvelous group of people.  Besides volleyball they also took swing dance lessons, so I did that, too.  What fun!
Now skip to 1987 when I met my second husband, Bruce.  We both worked for Sloan Technology in SB and hit it off right away.  We were both fresh from divorces and were a little gun shy but I was smart enough at the time to know a good thing when I saw it and I grabbed him.   He took swing dance lessons with me and we got pretty good.  We also got into horses (I had sold my dirt bike after my divorce - didn't have a truck to transport it) and bought into a stable out at El Captain.  It was a hunter/jumper barn but we became interested in 3-day eventing, which involves lots of galloping and jumping.  It was an incredible riding education.  I was the idiot who got on all the new horses to see if they'd go over a jump.  I only got dumped a couple of times in 2 years but did mess up a knee.  I had broken the tibia plateau in my left knee in 1979 at a dirt bike race (my only serious riding injury other than lots of bumps and bruises) and now I had to have arthroscopic surgery to remove some torn tissue. So now I have 2 bum knees. We couldn't make a go of the stable and decided to move someplace where we could afford to buy property so we packed up and moved to Eugene, OR.   I got in touch with Linda Lane (Farber) just before she also moved to Eugene.   It was quite a coincidence.  It turns out that another DP alumnus lived only a couple of miles from our house.  Lydia Lindsey.  (I don't know her e-mail address but her home address is: 89126 Conrad Rd. Veneta, OR. 97487). She and her significant other (I don't know if they are married) have a ski boat and got us interested.  We found out that we like wakeboarding better (just as we prefer snowboarding) and got ourselves a boat. (This is a very truncated version and is already getting too long!)  I went back to school and earned my BS in Management and was able to land a better job.  I was lucky again.  I'd been at PSC 2 years when they decided to get the SAP software package to meet the Y2K requirements.  I got on the project as a team leader and loved it!  I did system configuration and project management - what a blast.  I didn't think my brain could ever pack that much information in!  The project lasted 2 years and I stayed on for another year after implementation and then got a job with a big consulting firm. BIG BUCKS!  But the travel was horrendous.  I had to drag out of bed at 4:00 am on Monday to catch a 5:00 flight and then I lived away from home all week.  YUK.  I could only take it for 8 months and then quit. I landed a job as a software tester for a very small computer company in Redmond but recently moved on to an even better job in the main office of the Les Schwab tire company.  I write the documentation for the computer programs.   Bruce was just hired there also as the LAN/WAN supervisor.  He's a real computer geek.  We always joke that I'm software and he's hardware.  We make a good team.
 Bruce has 2 children who came to live with us in 1991 and I have to say that learning to be a parent was the hardest thing I've EVER done.  It's also my proudest accomplishment.  Josh is now 23 and is in the Air Force. Of all things he could have chosen to do he picked EOD- the bomb squad.  Lauren is 17 and will be a senior in high school this year.  She's a straight A student (brag, brag) and wants to be doctor.  Good thing we have good jobs! We moved to Central Oregon 2 years ago to get away from the constant rain in Eugene and also because we had gotten back into dirt bikes.   There's lots of really fantastic riding over here.  Mt. Bachelor ski area is only an hour from our house but we've only been snowboarding 3 times in the past 2 years. We live in a rural area called Crooked River Ranch, which is about 5 miles north of Redmond and just west of the little town of Terrebonne.  We have 5 acres with 2 horses, 2 dogs and 3 cats.  I blush to admit that we have 6 dirt bikes.  The horses live happily at pasture and are seldom ridden anymore.  They served us very well by teaching us to ride without killing us.  The dogs are a 9 year old black Lab, named Lobo, who is Josh's dog. The other dog is a 1 year old Weimaraner named Jax, who is my pride and joy and keeps me from slacking off on my exercise.  He gets a 30 minute walk every morning or he goes nuts and shows his displeasure by chewing things. He has an uncanny knack for picking things.  For instance, he chewed up the last chapter of a book I was reading.
I have to admit that my life is very good.  We love our jobs, we love our activities and we love each other.  What more could you ask for? For those of you who are interested, my geeky husband has created a family web site.  Go visit and see us!

Steve Schalla

I own a reprographic company in Santa Barbara and Ventura. A second career after spending my 20's as a Reforestation Specialist in the Pacific Northwest. Graduated from Cal in 1976. Live in Ojai. Went to the 20th Reunion with Monica Buvick. Funny how the same cliques stillstay together.

Daryl Schendel

From DP, went into the Army, stationed at  Ft Lewis, WA with Gary Smith. Went to UW, got teaching degree in Industrial Arts.  Taught in Seattle and Carnation, WA for 5 years, then moved to Barstow.  My brother Lorren and I have been in business together for twenty years, "Conversions Firestone", complete auto repair, smog, towing, road service,, the works plus (Firestone, Bridgestone, Michelin, BF Gooodrich tire dealer, Ryder truck rentals).  We did some desert racing, (5-1600 bug), still ride motorcycles, (Goldwing),  pilots license and a plane.  Four years ago went back to teaching, Wood and Auto at Big Bear High School. Just a putt up the mountain from Barstow, still work the shop and teach auto for Barstow college. Never been married, see John, Tim, Ken, and Gary once in awhile.  Have been doing Search & Rescue for Sheriff for 10 years, tracking, rock and mine rescue.  Two dogs, two cats, 8 geese, one bird.  Live in a dome house.  Going to Vegas on the 15?  Stop and say hi, you have to go through  Barstow and chances are you will stop to get gas, eat or pee.   Life is good.

Kirk Shults & Gayle (Pence) Shults

We officially met Senior Week at DPHS, five days later we had our first date,  and five years later, on June 21, 1975, we married. We began married like in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Kirk graduated with a BS in Pharmacy, and unofficially minored in skiing. We returned back to Santa Barbara in 1976, bought our first home, and had three children. Taryn (18), is a senior at San Marcos, Kyle (13) eigth grade at La Colina, and Wyatt (8) third grage at  Foothill School.
        After the Painted Cave Fire in 1990, we were able to recognize the dream of building our own home in a rural environment. Along with three kids, the house holds 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 3 geckos. Kirk is the Pharmacy Manager at Rite Aid (Ellwood Beach), has his Private Pilots license, an Electrician's License, and a Calif. Alarm Company License.
                I have worked for the family owned business (Shults & Associates) for the past 24 years as the Comptroller. Lately, I've been trying to strike a better balance between the "Working Mom" and "just Mom". This past June we celebrated our Silver Anniversary with a family trip to Disney World and a cruise aboard the Disney Magic.

Gary Smith

Upon leaving DP I went to the University of the Pacific. Either just before going or just after, the numbers for the draft were drawn for our year and mine was 64. Things weren't going exactly as I had hoped at school, so I went home to wait for the big letter from Uncle Sam. I worked at Pressley Shell on Hollister for a little over a year and then for the Goleta Union School District at Cathedral Oaks Elementary. During the wait I attempted to get into the Navy Nuclear program and was turned down because of my color blindness. They didn't like the idea of me pushing wrong buttons I guess. I was finally drafted into the Army in July, 1972 and after basic went to Tacoma, WA. I married a girl from the church my folks were attending in October 1974. She and I moved into an apartment near Ft. Lewis where I worked in personnel. I was shipped out to Germany in 1975. J.C. (James Charles) was born in 1977 in Frankfurt, Germany. I was reassigned to Ft. Bliss in El Paso, TX in 1978. Stayed there for 11 months and after attending programming school at Ft Harrison in Indianapolis, IN, I was assigned to Ft. Lee in Petersburg, VA where I worked as an application programmer and customer assistance officer. Mitch was born there in 1982. I was on orders to go back to Germany while attending a school back at Ft Harrison in 1983 when they asked (hahahaha) me to stay and teach Computer Science. So, we did. Another case of things not going the way I wanted developed and I was divorced early in 1986. JC is 23, Mitch 18. Mitch still lives in California. JC is here in Arkansas with his wife and son. Yes, Granddad. Mary and I married in late 1986 just before I went to England to run a Data Processing Center on the East Coast. Amie was born there in 1990. I swore if I ever had a girl I would send her back. That idea fell apart the first time I held her (a softie I am). We decided it was time for a change so we came back to the States in 1992 to retire from the military. That was in Huntsville, Alabama. I went to work for a government contractor and was a victim of a Reduction In Force in 1994. Mary and I both got jobs with Acxiom in December 1994 and after a few plane rides and one quick decision, we moved to Conway, AR in January 1995. Both sets of parents retired from their jobs and followed us here within two years. Mary now works for Alltel Corporation in Little Rock (Conway is 28 miles north of Little Rock).  Amie does Jazz, Tap, and Ballet on Mondays. Tuesdays are for Girl Scouts. Wednesdays we recover. Mary and I are playing golf in the club's mixed event on Thursday evenings this year. We started to last year and then I got involved teaching some Dale Carnegie Training. Oh well..... I am looking forward to seeing everyone next month as this is the first function I have been able to attend.

Gary L. Smith
Acxiom Corp.
(501) 342-2960

Steve A. Smith
(information provided by Jarred Mills

went to UC Santa Cruz after leaving DP. He left there to finish his degree at SUNY, Rochester, where he was part of a special program to train Peace Corp voluteers destined for Zaire (now the Republic of the Congo). After three years as a volunteer, and a couple more as an "in country" trainer, Steve returned to the US to study flying and aircraft mechanics. He then returned to Africa to work as a bush pilot for a company called Servaire for a couple of years. After indulging the "flyiing bug" for a few years, Steve became a freelance logistics specialist for a number of relief agencies working in Africa including the UN, Oxfam, Save the Children, and USAID. He's been in a number of the "hot spots" including Angola, Ruwanda, and Ethiopia. He is currently in Indonesia working on the democratic elections in East Timor and elsewhere. He's currently working on a masters degree in International Crisis Resolution.

Steve met his wife Tse Hay in Ethiopia. They have two boys, Daniel (3) and Tomas(1).

Teresa Smith
(information provided by
Jarred Mills

Teresa went to Indiana to study music. There, she met and married her husband, Jonathan who is a farmer and contract mail carrier.

Brian Steven

(information provided by Steve Schalla)

currently living in Denver, CO and re-married about two years ago after being a single Dad with a daughter (Jessica) for about 10 years. Brian has been working at the local Air Force Base there within the accounting section as a civilian. He visited us about 9 years ago and I get a x-mas card each year.


Debbie Thomas


My current married name is Debbie Hansen.

My life has had many phases. With each new turn, I've learned so much. I've been happily married to a wonderful man for the last 7 years and we have a ranch in the high desert area of Nevada. I have no children (except for my baby-dog "Ooooo-Boooo"). We have 12 dogs and horses -- bird dogs and American Field competition are the center of our life. The last 2 years have been quite challenging; designing and building our home, taking care of our previous ranch and traveling to train and compete in American Field. A full-time traveler kind of lifestyle. I'm also an aerobics junkie!

Prior to my move to Nevada, I resided in the Sacramento area where I relocated from Dallas-TX to assist with the formation of the World League of American Football's Sacramento Surge franchise. Although I was the administrative assistant to the GM, my true love was my role as Director of the California Girls Cheerleaders. I became involved with the World League in Dallas-TX and New York in its infancy following my departure from the Dallas Cowboys Football Club where I worked for 11 years. I first worked as secretary to Pres. & GM Tex Schramm and assistant director of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Eventually, the Cheerleader position became a full-time job and for a short time I became the Director, prior to the team being sold. It was the experience of a lifetime. During that time I was married to a photographer. Before my move to Dallas, I lived in San Diego where I was married to Mark Livingston, worked as a legal secretary and discovered my niche was dance.

Life is good. Hope everyone is happy-happy & healthy.



Barbara (Thorp) Onisko
: or

I am currently living in Clovis, California just outside of Fresno.  Dave Onisko and I were married 9 years ago this December after a phone call regarding another DP class reunion.  We are happily married still and are currently empty nesters.  I recently put Dave through school for two years he is now a radiologic technologist.  He was a welder/layout fitter for 20+ years and always wanted to shoot x-rays so I put him through school.     I am an office manager for large structural steel fabricator in Fresno County but am working on my RN degree.  We have three children (I have one son, Jake in the Marine Corps in Oahu; Dave has two daughters Renee (32 ) and Taci (20) both in Grass Valley and Chico.  We have two grandchildren 7 and 3 years old (Sara and Mike).   We will not be attending the reunion this year because we are going to spend some long lost time with the grandkids now that Dave is out of school.  We are both Christians and love the Lord!  If anyone hears anything from Debbie or Sue Adornetto could you send me some news I've been trying to find or see them for a long time...have missed them at the previous reunions I have attended. 

My current address in Clovis is 2236 Purvis, Clovis, California  93611.

Donna (Tullis) Bowie DonnaTulliss.jpg (5106 bytes)

I don't think there are many who would remember me.  I only went to DP my senior yr., and graduated at mid-term.  But I felt a bond to those friends unlike any of the other schools I attended.  Many would remember that I married Steve Berg, a '69 grad of DP, in 1970.  We lived in the San Fernando Valley until our 1st child, Christopher (1975) born.  Then headed north to my home town of Redding, CA.    In 1979 we were blessed with a daughter, Stephanie.  Steve and I divorced in late 1980.  So I did the single mom thing and put myself through nursing school.  Met husband #2 on a blind date in 1982 and married less than 10 wks. later!   His career with the USFS led us to many new towns and spanned all the way from the NW corner of Washington state, and then to the Ozarks of Arkansas.  Which is where I find myself today.  We have a son, Jimmy, that is a Junior in High School and the light of my life.  Alas, 17 yrs. of marriage finally took it's toll, and we divorced last summer.  After being plagued with back problems since the early '70's, and too many operations to count, I was forced to accept the truth and am now officially considered disabled.  Doesn't mean much as far as I do what I want, when I want.   Just had to give up horseback riding, tennis, golf, and rustic camping trips!   I feel that I am embarking on a new phase of my life and a new spiritual journey.   Raise golden retrievers,  fight off the bugs and humidity of the south.   Have to remind myself why I stay here  (Jimmy!).  But all of my family and long time friends live on the west coast.  Would like to finally make it to a reunion, but not sure it will ever happen.

John (Jack) Unick
E-mail address: <>

City, State: Colorado Springs, CO
Occupation: Machinist/Engineer, 27 years
Married: Dec 30, 1972 (Frances Martin, Santa Barbara)
Children: Jennifer (26), Joe (23)
Grandchildren: Austin (2), Cole (5 mos.), Corina (5), Samantha (1)
Hobbies: NASCAR fan, camping
Hi, I'm not class of 1970, but did attend DP in ('68 & '69) and graduated from San Marcos in 1971. I married John Unick who is in the class of '70. He went in the Army in May 1969, and received his GED in '69 and was told by Mr. Schweigert that if he came back alive he would give him his diploma.(ha, ha, John never went back to receive it) He went to Viet Nam from April 1970 - 1971. Got out, met me at SBCC, married in '72, moved to Colorado in 1980 where we presently live.

John Voehl

I'm still in love with my DPHS bride Pamela (Kaufman), our four young adult siblings and my Lord Jesus. Two of our daughters were married in 1999, one in Santa Barbara, one in Sweden.  Our son has owned a home for nearly 2 years.  Our 20 year old baby girl, is a college Junior living at home.  No grandchildren yet. We live in the Littleton suburb of Denver, where we moved 6 years ago from Lompoc.  Yes, we live in the Columbine area.  Our two younger daughters graduated there and were in college at the time of the shootings.

I'm active in several sports and have had more positive athletic
experiences in the last decades, than the earlier ones.  I still ride a skateboard and play the guitar.  I have been an Abraham Lincoln presenter and historian about four years.  I've done dozens of presentations in several states besides Colorado.  More than a hobby and business, its a passion. I negotiate and administer subcontracts for an aerospace firm.   Pam & I enjoy C&W dancing.  Looking forward to seeing you at the Timbers.

Don Watkins

Right after DPHS I went to UCSB and in 1974 graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I started work immediately for Ralph Parsons Company in Pasadena, CA. Parsons is a large architects and engineers firm doing projects all over the world. After two years I had enough of working for a huge company and went to work for a small engineering company in Sacramento. Two years later I decided to move back to Southern California, get married, and go back to school. I moved to Dana Point, CA and have lived here for the last 22 years. In 1981 I graduated from Pepperdine University with a MBA. I went to work for ITT Industries in Costa Mesa, CA as a marketing manager and stayed there 18 years. With my first wife I had two children, Breann and James. Breann is now 21 and married. James is 17, and a senior in high school. In 1987 my first wife and I divorced. Two years later I married my current wife, Terri. We have two children, Elizabeth who is 9 and Victoria who is 5. I am very involved in my children's lives at their schools and in their sports. I have coached their baseball, softball, soccer, and volleyball teams. A year ago I changed jobs and became a regional sales manager for a manufacturing company headquartered in Massachusetts. I work from my home office and travel the thirteen western states. Life does not get much better than this. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the 30th reunion.

Lissa Williams

Lissa is living in Los Gatos CA. Most recently she was a partner in Advice Marketing, which represents computer book publishers. She is currently considering her next career. Lissa is married to Isaac Wingfield and has 2 children, Valerie (15) and Fletcher (10).

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