WeSTOC 2016 Ride

August 19, 2016 to September 4, 2016

We had a great trip!

Dave came down a couple of days early. I had Byron come down and work with Dave to make sure everything on his bike was in order.

Day One - Friday August 19th

Planned route for the day :

Was to Ride north on Hwy 79 to I10 East, take that to Hwy 62 North/East through Twenty-Nine Palms and the take Amboy road to Amboy and Route 66. Head east on 66 to north on Kelso-Baker road, catch I15 and ride thru Las Vegas, on to Mesquite, where a room was waiting.

Chris left Friday morning as scheduled, except, my son, Bobby was supposed to take her to the airport, leaving Dave and I to head out early on our trip to Mesquite. That didn’t work out, Bobby’s schedule would cut into the time Chris needed at the airport, so Dave and I drove Chris down. That delayed us getting away by several hours. This was all figured out that morning!

Dave and I finally got away around 11am. We made our way North, up Hwy 79 to I10, then over to the Twenty-Nine Palms turnoff. As we rode down Hwy 62, we could see some rain clouds in the distance. Lucky for us they were not heading in our direction. After taking a break, we headed for Amboy and Kelso so we could catch I15 near State-Line.

As we were approaching I40 on the Kelso-Baker road, we could see that there were some nasty looking thunderstorms ahead of us (Dave saw some lightning also). We decided to head east on I40 and take off at Goffs/R66 turnoff. That turned out to be a good choice, and we avoided the rain, although it wasn’t too far behind us. Dodged that bullet!

We rode through Las Vegas at 109* and continued to Mesquite. The road was long & hot, but we made it to Mesquite around 7pm or so. Our room smelled like smoke, but most of Nevada does, so you just got to deal with it. I had a small can of Lysol spray, so I used it.

Our Actual route took a little longer than the planned one, but we avoided the rain and lightning, so it was worth it.

Total miles for Day 1 was about: 401

Day 2- Saturday August 20th

Planned route for the day :

Was to Ride north on I15 to Ogden Utah where we would meet Chris, my Son, Aaron & Family and our Aunt.

The next morning, we got up and decide to go hit McDonald’s for breakfast. So that meant we needed to load up before heading out. We got away a bit later than I had hoped, but we were on our way. We made stops in St. George, then at “The Cove Fort” turnoff. Back on the road and we headed for Provo. Once there, I called Chris to find that she and Aaron & family were at the Thanksgiving Point.

As Dave and I were heading up I15, I started noticing my headlight acting strange. It would come on, then go out and then back on/off. No real pattern, just on & off. (So I figured I would check it out later) Once Dave and I passed Thanksgiving point, Chris and they would be behind us as we rode up to Ogden. I stopped at the motel and Dave headed up to our (91 year old) Aunt’s house where he would be spending the night. I had reserved a particular room for us at the motel and I had Chris check into the day before. When she got there, she was told that the room was occupied and that she would just have to take a different room.

I found out from Chris, that we were not given the room that we wanted. So, after sitting waiting for Chris to get back, I got pissed and went to the front desk to find out why. By then a number of rooms around the back, near where we wanted to be were open, so they were accommodating, and put us in one of the rooms back there. When Chris got back I told her and she was thrilled. She said that she knew I would do something to get a better room. She hated the room she was in. I do, do good at times!

After we swapped the rooms around, we met Aaron & Family and Dave and my Aunt at the Golden Corral for dinner. The Grand Kids like it there, because they get to pick what they want to eat! After dinner, we all followed Aaron back to his house and had a great time visiting.

Dave and I were able to stick to our route, with no changes and we just made our stops based on gas or hunger.

Total miles for Day 2 was about 380 (Dave did a little more riding up to our Aunt's house. About 5 miles)

Day 3 - Sunday August 21st

Planned route for the day :

We would be riding north on I15 from Ogden to Idaho Falls, with a stop just north of Pocatello, to see our cousin, Vern. It would be a short riding day.

Day three started without a hitch. Okay, not exactly. Dave was going to pack up and meet us for breakfast at the restaurant that was in the same parking lot as our motel. So when Dave told me that our Aunt wanted to join us, I figured cool! Well Dave got there okay, but our Aunt (driving in front of Dave) continued driving right past!

We went out looking for her to come back and waited for over an hour. When she didn’t show up, and since she didn’t have a cell phone, we tried to call her Daughter, but no answer. So we called our mom (sisters) and talked to her about others we could call. I finally called her house and left a message, just in case she went back there. Well, she did. She had gotten confused on the motel (she said she was thinking about a Motel 6, down the freeway a couple of miles. She also stopped by a construction worker and asked if he saw two motorcycles go by - lol)

She decided to call Dave after getting my message, and Dave told her we hadn’t ordered our food yet, so come on back and we can still have breakfast together. Dave grabbed his bright yellow motorcycle jacket and went out to the curb to wait for her and flag her down to make sure she made to the correct restaurant. We were very relieved when she made it. We were concerned for her, but as I told Dave, I could just see us telling our Cousin Vern that we lost his mother!

After breakfast I loaded up my bike and told Chris goodbye. She was staying a couple more days before Aaron was taking her to Meridian Idaho to visit her father and sister. 

As expected the trip up I15 to Pocatello was long, straight and boring, but we made good time. We had a great visit with our cousin and then headed up to Idaho Falls.

After checking in, we decided to go over by the (Mormon) Temple and take a few pictures, then head to Walmart.

I was again reminded that my headlights were not working correctly. So after Walmart, I tore into removing the headlight modulator. I had headlights once again.

Dave and I were able to stick to our route, with no changes.
Total miles for Day 3 was about 180.

Day 4 -Monday August 22nd

Planned route for the day:

Was to Ride north on I15 for a very short distance and take Hwy 26 East, pick up my nephew with his motorcycle and head towards Jackson Hole WY, then ride north on US 191 through the Tetons and Yellowstone, around the Yellowstone Lake and go east on US14 to Cody, where we had a room waiting.

We left the motel, all packed up and were going to eat at a JinB, but the McDonald’s was right there, so we stopped there and ate.

We then headed north to Hwy26 where we met my nephew, Matt at a gas station along Hwy26. He rode with us for about 30 miles to an area call Swan Valley. After giving Matt some advice about properly maintaining a motorcycle, Dave and I took off on Hwy31 over to Hwy33 and on to Jackson Hole. It was slow going due to the traffic we came across on Hwy33. It would have been a fun road!

We took a long break in Jackson Hole and then rode north on US191 that took us through the Teton National Park and on to Yellowstone. We had planned on stopping at Old Faithful, but decided to keep heading towards Cody. So that took us up US20 and then to US14 and the lower East Gate.

The whole time riding through Yellowstone wasn’t as exciting as we had expected, (lots of trees, but we were expecting to see some wildlife). We stopped at the lake to take a short break and get a few pictures in an area that had a fire a number of years ago. We finally got through the park and rode into Cody from the West. We found our motel and unloaded the bikes. We then did some laundry and after that we headed over to the Walmart, nearby. While we were approaching Walmart we noticed that the sky was getting really Smokey. And that continued into the evening.

After Walmart we stopped by one of the local restaurants, had a nice dinner and headed back to our room. We found out that the fire wasn’t near us and it was just the wind coming from the north that was blowing the smoke there.

Although Dave and I were able to stick to our route, with no changes, we found out a few days later, that there was a really bad fire that went across 191 between Teton NP and Yellowstone. Dodged another Bullet!

Total miles for Day 4 was about 295.

Day 5 -Tuesday August 23rd

Planned route for the day:

Ride back through Yellowstone, go see Old Faithful and head north east to Beartooth Pass and Red Lodge and then back to Cody for a second night.

We left the motel and only took the gear we thought we would need. I should have grabbed some cold weather stuff since Beartooth was colder than expected. Dave, on the other hand, did grab his warmer gear!

The smoke in the air was pretty much gone; still a hint of smoke, but basically the air quality was good. We doubled back through Yellowstone the way we came the day before and decided to forgo Old Faithful, since we knew we had a long day ahead of us. We turned right just past the “Fishing Bridge” and headed north on US20.

We took a break in the Canyon Village area, grab another shot glass and then continued north. At one point there were a couple of bison herds, one off to the right and another to the left, so we stopped and took some pictures. 

One bison was just about 50 yards away, so I took a selfie with it in the background. We continued riding, which seemed like forever when we came to the Tower General Store. We took another break there and met a family (minus mom who was working) from Ririe Idaho. It just happened to be a town we just went through two days before, what a small world. After our break, we continued up to Tower Junction and headed east to the Yellowstone Northeast gate on US212. As we were traveling through, we could see a number of bison here and there, with lots of people stopped to look at them. We continued on. 

We crossed over into Montana and finally found the east gate to the park and continued on through Silvergate and a few other communities, including Cooke City. The road was pretty good and as long as we didn’t have any regulators (cages going too slow) in front of us, we kept a good steady pace of about 5 mph above the posted limit. (I wasn’t looking to get tickets on this trip!) We were on the Beartooth Hwy and was a fun road with lots of sweeping curves. Rather enjoyable I would say. These are the kinds of roads I like. Just sweeping curves with a bit of scenery so it isn’t boring! At one point my GPS told me to turn right, but it wasn’t the way we wanted to go. We had only gone about ½ mile when we figured out we were on the Chief Joseph Hwy, and even though we would have loved to ride it too, we wanted Beartooth Pass. So we turned around and headed back.

We were soon making our way up, hitting the sharper curves as we climbed higher, some only a few MPH and of course, we had to pass a few slow moving cages. What a fun road! As we climbed, it got colder! As we reached the peak, it was around 45*! COLD! According to the sign I took a picture of, we were 10,975 feet above sea level. We were soon heading down the other side. We made another stop at an overlook, called Rock Creek Vista.

There in the parking lot was a ‘07 ST1300 from Canada. I can’t remember his name, but he was a nice guy and was traveling around a lot! After taking some pictures, we were again heading down the mountain. After a short time, we came across a Harley rider that we had no choice, but to pass (legally) and it wasn’t long before he disappeared from our mirrors.

We continued on the Beartooth Hwy until we came to the little town of Red Lodge. We first looked for a gas station and filled the bikes up, then went back through town looking for someplace to eat. We found the “Red Lodge Café” on Broadway Ave, in the middle of town and it looked like a nice place to take a break and have some dinner!

Our waitresses were a Mother/Daughter team, Alison & Izzy. They were excited when we told them where we were from and how we had gotten to Red Lodge. They came out to our bikes and the Mom took a picture of the bikes, her daughter and Dave & I.

The food was fantastic, so if you are going through Red Lodge, stop by and say Bob & Dave from CA sent you!

Just as we were heading back to Cody via Hwy308, Dave spotted a dear right next to the road, I never saw it, he said it stayed there, so no threat! We then caught Hwy72 south, which turned into Hwy120 once we were back in Wyoming. As we were coming down Hwy120, I saw a big buck and a doe (Dave said he saw another doe right behind the first two dear, I guess I was just not seeing them that day!) They were just walking and the buck was just about to step out on to the roadway when I hit my horn, they bolted the opposite direction and away from us! We made it back to our motel room, safe and sound a little while later.

With the exception of not going to Old Faithful and cutting off almost 70 miles for the day, Dave and I were able to stick to the rest of our route, with no other changes, we found out a number of days later, that Yellowstone and Beartooth Pass had gotten snow, which closed down Beartooth Pass. Dodged another Bullet!

Total miles for Day 5 was about 285.

Day 6 -Wednesday August 24th

Planned route for the day:

The ride for Day 6 would be started by checking out of the motel in Cody, riding all of a block to the Buffalo Bill Cody museum, then head east out of town on Hwy14 towards Greybull, Wy, then up the Big Horn Scenic Hwy to Burgess Junction, continue east to catch the I90 up to the Littlebig Horn Battlefield, before turning around and heading back down south and then east on I90 to Gillette, for our room for the night.

We packed up and left the motel and rode the one block to the Buffalo Bill Cody museum. After stowing our gear under the bike covers, we walked inside and I asked for two Senior tickets. The Guard at the door saw our hats (Dave’s Vietnam Veteran and my Air Force hat) and asked if we were both veterans. I told him yes and he said to keep our money, the museum was no charge to Veterans! That saved me about $36 to $38, I’m not real sure what the cost was for seniors, but Dave and I were happy about that!

We toured the main part of the Bill Cody area of the museum, and then we went back out to the bikes to gear up and take off for the long day of riding we knew we had.

Hwy14(US20) wasn’t too bad for a little two lane road, just long and mostly flat. We hit the small towns of Greybull and Shell and a few others, but mostly just a lot of open space. The real good thing was we didn’t see too much traffic, and what we did, we would pass it the first chance we got!

Not too long after getting out of Shell, the highway turned in to a biker’s paradise! The road became twisty and had a number of hairpins! This was called the Big Horn Scenic Highway, and was it ever scenic! We also started climbing in altitude. As we neared the top, it became tamer, but was still a great roadway to ride! We also noted that the clouds were getting thicker.

When we came to Burgess Junction, we decided to stop and take a break. Dave found that the Elk View Inn had Bar/Restaurant and had some good eating too, so we decided to have lunch while there. They were right, I had a BLT and whatever Dave had, he enjoyed it!

By the time we were ready to go, the clouds got thicker and we even had a few drops on us. We covered our gear and took off, heading east, as soon as we could. The road soon turned into another bunch of twisties, but there was a little moisture on the road, so we were taking it easy.

I was just following the GPS and at one point in the town of Ranchester, it told me to turn left, and looking at that road, it didn’t look like I wanted to go there, so I went straight and soon found I90. Time to head north about 80 miles to the Little Big Horn Battlefield.

We found the Battlefield and wanted to look it over, so after showing our Senior Passes, we found a parking spot and it was near the restrooms, perfect! We saw that it would be a walk to the Memorial and saw that there were some parking spaces up there, so we rode our bikes up there, only to find Wheelchair only spots, although there was a turnout/regular parking spot, but it was taken, so we continued to ride down the road where it showed where some of the soldiers were found after the battle. They had white markers to mark the places that they found Custer’s soldiers. We then went back to the Visitor’s Center where we bought a few things and then Dave felt like he could walk up to the Battlefield Memorial.

So we hiked up to it look it over, then went over to the Indian Memorial, before returning to our bikes and heading out. We stopped for gas, just down from the park and then head south on I90, heading to Gillette, WY.

As we heading south on I90, I saw a flock of birds fly low, across the road to the right, in front of us. I was just about to say something to Dave about them, when I heard “Deer, Deer, Deer” and I looked to my left and saw a buck running hard towards me. I hit the horn and it looked like maybe he changed course and ran just behind both of us. Dang, another close one!

As the freeway started turning east, we could see a big thunderstorm off to our right, heading our direction, so we were happy to see the road turn east. We did get a couple of drops, but that was about it. We dodged another storm!

We continued on I90 east for another 70 miles, and the terrain was mostly hilly, but flat too. The day was getting long fast, and we were glad to see Gillette coming up.

I found our off ramp and a short distance later, our hotel for the night, the Arbuckle Lodge. Very nice place and our room was real nice too! They even let Dave and I park our bikes out front, under the overhang to the lobby.

It took a little to get settled, since we had to use a bellhop dolly to get our gear upstairs. We then found some microwavable food the hotel was selling and just had dinner in our room.

Total miles for Day 6 was about: 376 (including riding around at the battlefield.)

Day 7 -Thursday August 25th

Planned route for the day:

The ride for Day 7 would be riding to Devil’s Tower, then head east out on I90 and take US85 south for our first stop, Deadwood, to see it and gravesites for Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. Then on to Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Monument, and for our room for the night, we were stopping in Hot Springs, SD.

Our first stop would be Devil’s Tower, we just headed east on I90 to North US14 and followed the signs. There was a bunch of construction going on, on US14, so the going was a bit slow, especially since we had a big box truck up a few vehicles ahead of us. Those vehicles started passing said box truck, and soon it was my turn. I went around it, but Dave was caught still stuck behind it for a few miles due to lack of a passing zone. Once he was able to get around them, then we took off and enjoyed the road a bit more.

Following the signs soon put us on Hwy24 and a few more miles we could see it. We found a pull off and stopped to take some pictures. That’s when I heard my onboard camera saying; “Recording Stopped”, continuously!

So, before I could take any pictures, I had to completely unload my gear and remove the rear saddle so I could remove the battery from the DVR. Who knows when it started, but whenever it did, means we didn’t get any recording at that time. (This happened one more time too, at Zion. Both times I had put a 128GB chip in. I think I need to stick with the 64GB chips!)

I got that fixed, and then I was able to snap a few pictures of the Tower. We then took off to it and found that they weren’t collecting $$$ that day, although we did have passes, so it really didn’t matter to Dave and I.

Riding in to the Visitor’s Center, you pass an area full of Ground Hogs. These are small ground hogs. Not much bigger than our Ground Squirrels back home. But there were a lot of them.

We continued to follow the road around the mountain, and to the other side, where the parking lot is limited on how many vehicles it can handle. Dave and I finally found a spot as someone else was leaving. We parked the bikes and wondered around a little.

After seeing it, I sure don’t know how Hollywood used it for the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. It could not of housed all they had up there…Hollywood doing their “magic” again! LOL

It was interesting though. They say the way it formed was hot magna coming straight up and cooling. You can see where parts of it have been falling off over the years too. They even allow people to climb it. I was shocked that they would let people climb it, since it looks like any part of it could come falling down! After getting our fill of Devil’s Tower, we retraced our steps back to US14, but this time headed the opposite direction than what we came. On to South Dakota and Deadwood.

We found I90 again, and headed east. Deadwood was about 74 miles away. There were a couple of different directions we could have gone, but I90 to US85 south looked like the best route for us.

As soon as we entered Deadwood, we stopped for gas, and then continued through the town. We wanted to stop in Deadwood and look around a bit, but the town was busy because of a Classic Car show, that they were having that weekend and were getting an early start, so we just continued to ride through town until I saw the sign pointing to the Cemetery.

We followed that up some steep hills and even the parking was a bit uneven, so we parked the bikes the best we could and then paid to get in and see Wild Bill Hickok’s and Calamity Jane’s gravesites. A bit of interesting trivia, Hickok never really like Jane, but the city elders thought it would be a great touristy draw to have them next to each other. And it works very well to draw Tourists up there!

As we approached their gravesites, there was a tour bus, with the gal giving her speech to a medium sized crowd right at the graves. So we had to wait until they were done so we could get a couple of pictures and leave. I also picked up another shot glass there. Dave and I rode back to the highway and looked for some lunch, a Taco place that I wasn’t impressed with.

After eating, we were on our way south to find Mount Rushmore. I just followed the GPS, but sometimes wondered where it was taking us. Many of the little towns we passed look a lot alike California Foothill towns and so did the countryside. It was really strange that way.

Mount Rushmore was about 50 miles south and it took a bit to get to, since it was mostly a two lane highway. But once we hit Keystone, I knew we were close. We just followed the GPS and it got us there.

Again as we approached the gate, we were informed that $$$ was not being collected that day. And again, it didn’t matter to us since we had our passes. We followed the road into a parking structure and eventually found a parking space big enough for the two bikes. The elevator was real close, which was nice.

By this time it was already mid-afternoon, and since there wasn’t that much to see, we took a few pictures of the monument, and then went to see what we could find in the Visitor Center’s store. While in the store, this one gal (employee) started talking to us and when she found out that we had been through Yellowstone and over Beartooth Pass, she told us that they had had snow a few days back and made a mess of everything, including closing Beartooth Pass. We just had someone upstairs, looking over us, obviously!

After the store, we took a break. They had a nice patio and there was hardly anyone there, almost had it to ourselves! There we could see the monument very clearly and we even watched a couple of Chipmunks running in and out of the chairs and tables.

The clouds were thickening up and it even looked like we could have some rain, so we went back to the bikes and headed out of the park. I told the GPS to find the Crazy Horse Monument, which it did. While we were on our way there, we got a couple of sprinkles, but again, nothing to get worried about.  We did see some wild mountain goats off the side of the road.

We found our way into the Crazy Horse Monument area. You couldn’t get too close without taking a bus and Dave and I were too tired to even think of going there. So we looked around in their building and took a few pictures of this and that. After finding the “store” at the end of everything, we bought a few things and headed back to the bikes.

While we were still in the building, I went to pull my bike keys out, only to discover, I didn’t have them. We got back out to the bikes and there they were, still in the ignition! Good thing that place wasn’t too busy that day!

When we were at the Mount Rushmore store, we talked to that one gal that had told us about Beartooth Pass being closed due to snow; she also told us of a bunch of roads that we needed to ride just south of Mount Rushmore. After looking at the time, the weather, the map and how far we still had to go to Hot Springs, we decide that encountering Elk and other creatures on the roads wouldn’t be our best choice, so we took the road that we thought would be less traveled.

Not real sure about all those other roads, but we didn’t encounter a single creature on that road. So we found our way into Hot Springs and our motel. After checking in and parking the bikes in front of our room, we took a short break and started talking about some dinner. We checked out what was near and selected a place, but by the time we got there, they were closed.

So we rode a little farther into town and found a restaurant/bar open and went in. Cozy little place, looks like it hadn’t been updated for a few decades, but their cook did a great job on the steaks we ordered! We then went back to our room and sorted things out for the next day.

Total miles for Day 7 was about: 247

Day 8 -Friday August 26th

Planned route for the day:

The ride for Day was to zip out of SD, hit Chadron Nebraska, continue south until we hit Colorado and go farther south to bypass Denver and end up in Colorado Springs.

It had rained during the night, so the bikes and covers were a bit damp. Our Motel owner (manager?) had left a bunch of rags on the bench outside our door to wipe off our bikes. Very thoughtful of him and I thanked him for thinking of us like that!

We wiped our bikes down the best we could, and I shook off as much water from my cover that I could, and just put it inside-out so it wouldn’t get everything in the saddlebag wet. I then packed my bags on the bike and Dave was doing the same. We grabbed a couple of eggs and had eggs and Pepsi for breakfast. Before checking out and leaving. We had gassed up the night before, so we didn’t have to make any stops before leaving South Dakota.

We didn’t expect too much, other than seeing a lot of miles go by this day. As we continued south, through the middle of Nebraska, the cloud cover continued to get darker and darker. As we were riding through the town of Alliance, we decided to stop for gas and survey the road ahead for storms, because it looked pretty nasty up there!

After gassing up, we looked at the storm south of us and just felt we needed to wait it out, before heading that directiony. We spotted a McDonald’s just down the street and decided that it would be a great place to spend a little time. So we pulled in.
There, we could get the Internet and see from the App; MyRadar, that the storm to the south (maybe 5 to 10 miles away) was pretty nasty and it was best for us to stay put for the moment.

After about an hour, I went out to cover my bags on the rear saddle when a gal stopped and started talking to me. She also rode a motorcycle and was curious where we had come from and going. She then asked me if we had stopped by Carhenge? I told her “no”, but I had heard of it, years ago. So she informed me that it was only 5 miles away and that it would be worth the stop and told me where to find it.

I went back in and told Dave about it and he was all for checking it out. So from McDonald’s we rode east a number of blocks and then turned north to follow the road “Flack Avenue”.

Sure enough, it was about 5 miles from where we were. So we stopped to take a look at it. As Marty (from Laugh-in) would say, Verrry Innteresting! One reason I had remembered it was that I remembered a Vega Stationwagon being on top. (I was into Vegas [just not the engines] way back when).

After getting our fill of Carhenge, we found our way back to the main hwy, 385, and continued south, avoiding Denver. We went through the towns of Bridgeport, Sidney and found ourselves crossing the border to Colorado. Our planned next stop would be Sterling for gas and a break. I just followed the GPS and we found a gas station on the south side of the town. Good place to take a break!

After our break, we soon found ourselves on I76, heading to Denver. We took I76 for just under 30 miles and headed south on Hwy71, which took us to Limon. Hwy71 was not what one would call exciting, just long and mostly straight! Once in Limon, we got to where we needed to head south on US24, but saw a McDonald’s and decided to take another break. (By this time if my boys would have been with us, McDonald’s would not be where we would be stopping! LOL)

After our break, we hit US24 and headed to our last destination, Colorado Springs, some 77 miles away. Again, US24 was not exciting, just our path to get where we wanted to be, Colorado Springs.

Numerous little towns kept popping up, slowing us down! But we finally got to CS and I just kept following the GPS, hoping it was taking us the right direction. After having to stop at EVRY stop light, or so it seemed, we finally got to the west side of CS and soon found our Motel room. Nothing exciting, but it had two beds and we could park right in front of the room, so it was great!

Although we didn’t expect to get off course for the day (we had a lot of miles to cover), but seeing Carhenge, was worth the 10 extra miles we traveled to see it. Although I had heard of it years ago, it was never on my bucket list. But since we were so close to it and thanks to that thunderstorm causing us to take a break in Alliance Nebraska, why not go see it. I’d like to thank that gal that told me about it.

Total miles for Day 8 was about: 433