Day 9 - Saturday August 27th

Planned route for the day:

Planned for the day was to go have breakfast in Green Mountain with other ST-Owner's Riders, then up Pike’s Peak and then spend the rest of the day at Daniel’s (Dave’s Son) Place.

Dave would not be riding this day. His back was giving him fits and he decided that it would be best for him to just ride with up with his son, Daniel in the car. Once Daniel got there, we took off, me on the bike, following Daniel to our breakfast appointment that Chris Chassey set up on the ST-Owners forum.

There were seven bikes and Daniel’s car that showed up, at “The Pantry” in Green Mountain. We had a great breakfast and then headed for Pike’s Peak. It was different than I expected, but we all got through the entrance, and then headed up the mountain!

As we were heading up, I had two riders behind me and that made me nervous, since I had no idea how good they were, also, Dave and Daniel were at the tail end of our group, so that gave me a good excuse to drop back and let those two riders ahead of me. Besides, it was going to be slow going anyway, might as well be in the back.

Slow going wasn’t the word. One big problem I was seeing was that it was so slow and we were going around some hairpin curves that were at a crawl. I kept expecting to see the guy in front of me, Mike, dropping his bike, so I wanted plenty of room and time to move around him if I needed. Thank goodness, Mike didn’t drop his bike, but after we got to WeSTOC a few days later, we found out that Mike did miss a curve on his way there and dropped his bike. So I guess I wasn’t too wrong for giving lots of space between us!

That road is definitely a challenge to ride up. Very steep curves and nothing to keep you from going over the edge! Chris, my wife, would not have liked it at all! We finally made it to the top.

So Dave, Daniel, Daniel’s son (Beau) and I walked around the store a bit (I had to pick up another shot glass) and then went back outside. Besides being chilly, because the air is so thin, I could feel it affecting me and Dave had the same issue.

It was interesting up there, you could see a lot from that height! So after snapping some pictures, we headed back down. I let Daniel lead and I just followed him. About mid-way, there is a check point. At first, I didn’t understand why, but coming back, the Ranger checked Daniel’s brakes and told him they were too hot and that he needed to go into the parking lot there and let them cool off. So we both parked there and went and used the bathroom, since we weren’t going anywhere any way!

After sitting for 20 to 25 minutes, we continued down the hill and drove back to the Motel. At one point, Dave told me that my left headlight was out. Hum, what’s up with that? Since we were pretty busy the rest of that afternoon, I waited until the next day to check it out.

We spent the rest of the day at Daniel’s and since they were getting ready to move to Phoenix, the house was mostly packed up. No biggie, but it was good to rest a bit and just relax.

Total miles for me for Day 9 was about: 60

Day 10 - Sunday August 28th

Planned route for the day:

None, fix my headlight(s), then spend the rest of the day at Daniel’s Place.

Yep, you saw that right. No riding, other than for me to go get some new H4 headlights to replace my LED headlights with. I ripped into the bike to figure out what was going on. I tested the fuses and power coming from the headlight left side socket. I had power, but the headlight just wouldn’t light up! I had already removed the headlight modulator, so those wires weren’t in the way and since I had it all opened up, I figured why not just replace them both and not have any more issues with it. So that’s what I did. I borrowed Dave’s bike (I might add here, that Dave doesn't let ANYONE ride his bike, but me I guess. I rode about an mile and saw an autoparts store. Went in there, grabbed a set of headlights and rode back. My riding for the day!

That fixed that and as I was finishing up, Dave told Daniel to come on by and we rode in the car to Daniel’s and spent the rest of the day relaxing again.
This seemed to help Dave’s back out a lot!

Oh yeah, it snowed on Pike’s Peak that day and for the next two days. Dodged another one!

Total miles for me for Day 10 was about: 2, but not on my bike, so it didn’t count!

Day 11 - Monday August 29th

Planned route for the day:

We were going to ride down to US50 and catch that to Grand Junction.

But, checking the weather the night before and that morning, we decided to head north and take I70 West instead. (We found out later that we made the better choice. US50 got drenched that day!

So the new route was I25 to Hwy 85, west, then to 470, northwest, then to I70 west.

We went down south a little to meet up with Daniel for breakfast. (He had his daughter, Aurora, with him) At McDonalds of course! We ate then said our good byes and on to finding a gas station for Dave. We then headed north on I25 and on to DENVER! But at least we’ll only hit the outskirts!

As we were leaving Colorado Springs, I started looking for the Air Force Academy. Dave was able to point it out off in the distance. At one point heading north, there was a truck hauling a really wide load and the guy in the right lane to me came over into my lane without looking…been there before, so I was watching him closely, so when he came over, I was ready for him. I turned my highbeams on (I was wishing my modulator was still attached!) and hit the horn! Once around the truck he moved to the right! Idiot!

We continued following the GPS, which had us, turnoff at US85 and north on that to Hwy470. Then we went northwest from there, when we decided we wanted to take a break at the Morrison turn off. While on our break, we watch as a guy backed out from the station store, right into a truck that was filling up his boat, so he was a little father forward than normal, but the idiot that backed out wasn’t even watching, I know, because I was watching him!

After all of that excitement, we left there and headed through Morrison, since that’s the way the GPS said to go. It was another one of those, “Hope this thing knows where it’s taking us” moments! It did, we soon found the I70 and off to the west we did ride!

I really never paid too much attention to I70, because I hadn’t planned to go that way, because If I would have, I would have had warmer gear on. One or two of the passes were above 10K, and it was pretty cold!

We decided to stop in Vail and get some gas and something to eat. McDonalds was being remodeled, so we couldn’t go there. So we saw a Subway and had a sandwich! When we were getting ready to leave, Dave looked for a restroom, but didn’t see any, so we went back to the gas station and used theirs.

While there, we started talking to another biker, on an old Goldwing. He had been putting on some miles too. He was on leave with the Air Force and was also heading east. Nice guy. But I guess he couldn’t ride as far on one shot as Dave and I, we lost him about 100 miles down the road!

We continued on I70 and finally got to Grand Junction and our Hotel room at the Double Tree and WeSTOC.
After checking in, we saw that there was a Burger King next door, so we walked over there for dinner and we were done riding for the day!

And to point out, just hours after we left Colorado Springs, they got about 6” to 8” of Hail! Daniel sent a picture of it to Dave. Dodged another one!

Total miles for Day 11 was about: 327

Day 12 - Tuesday August 30th

Planned route for the day:

We were going to ride down to Walmart and back and take it easy for the day!

Since we had been doing the riding that we had been, we rode down to Walmart, got a few things and then headed back. We needed some more rest! After we got back, we chased down Richard from RKA and bought a pair of Sena 20s(s). Richard installed them into our helmets and set them up for us.

Total miles for Day 12 was about: 10

Day 13 - Wednesday August 31st

Planned route for the day:

We were going to ride down to CO141, hit CO90/UT46, head up US191, and go to Arches NP and then back to Grand Junction.

We had been planning to do Hwy 141 and go see Arches, and since I had gone up 141, I wanted to go the other direction. So south it was and the day was perfect for it. And Dave and I wanted to test out the new Sena 20s(s) we bought from Richard (RKA) the day before.

We got up, got dressed and loaded up on the bikes what we thought we needed (not much, it would be a warm day). Stopped had breakfast at Burger King (Again - I think all four days, we ate there.) And then headed south, following the GPS to get us out of town.

We didn’t have to wait too long to get on 141, and the first part of it, while interesting to look at wasn’t that “great” of a motorcycle ride. But that was okay with us and I kept telling Dave that the good part was still to come!

We had traveled a ways when I realized I had forgot to put a chip in my DVR for my bike mounted cameras. So we made a quick stop and it only took me a couple of minutes, since I didn’t have the bags strapped to my rear saddle! That taken care of and off we went again!

This road is worth the time to go down it. It wasn’t as twisty as the Big Horn Scenic Hwy or Beartooth, but riding next to the river and around the curves it had were really fun. At one point we came across three riders from WeSTOC. They were doing a little slower than we were, so we passed them and continued on our way.

Later, we came across a large truck. I had enough time to double yellow it and get in front of him, but Dave wasn’t so lucky. So after Dave following him around a big sweeping curve, I saw that Dave was finally able to get around him and when he did, I could hear him again. So, the BlueTooth of the Sena 20s isn’t strong enough to go through a truck and a rock wall.

We soon stopped at an overlook, this is where you can see what’s left of the water plume built back in the late 1800’s. The Boy’s and I had stumbled on this overlook two years ago during our Southwest tour, just before meeting up with Dave. So I thought Dave would get a kick out of seeing this.

While there, the other WeSTOC group of three caught up with us and stopped there too. After a short talk, Dave and I finished up our picture taking and jumped back on the bikes.

Twenty miles farther down, he came to CO90 and headed west. Off to the south, we could see some big thunderstorms were brewing. But by heading west, we missed them. At first CO90 was just a mostly straight. But with some interesting surroundings, but mostly flat road. Once we got past the town of Bedrock, that changed. And we found ourselves on a nice twisty road. That continued even as we went into Utah, the Hwy changing to UT46. But the problem we saw here was that Utah has this thing about trying to discourage aggressive motorcycle riding by putting tar snakes all over the roads!

Going around a tight corner with big nasty tar snakes cause a lot of puckering, so Dave and I just took it easy on that road! Since there were only a few tight turns on UT46, we were then able to boost our speed back up, until we came close to US191.

Once on US191, we headed north to Moab. It didn’t take us very long before seeing a rest stop, but we had passed it up. Dave wanted to turn around and go back to it, so we did. After a brief stop, we made our way up to Moab and found a gas station to fill-up the bikes. We also decided that we need filling up, so Dave, after having to go through the menu with the guy behind the counter, finally had a couple of Philly-Cheesesteak sandwiches made, which seemed to take forever! But we ate and continued on our way, right after I went next door to a small market like store, to see if they had any small gb chips…bigger than 4 or 8 though.

Since that store didn’t have any chips I wanted (I did pick up a few other items) we rode up the street a little and found another general market and they had some chips, 16gb, but I was hoping for bigger. There was also a Verizon store there and they had a 32gb chip for my on board cameras, so I bought that, then went back and bought a 16gb chip for my GoPro.

And on to Arches we went. Once through the entrance (Senior Passes are great!) we stopped briefly to get our cameras out and ready. As we rode through the park, Dave and I were snapping pictures left and right! We even stopped a couple of times to get a little more of what we were looking at. We made our way down to the Delicate Arch lower viewing point and hiked about 100 yards up the trail until we could see the Arch. (Same place where I stopped last time). We took a few pictures of it and decided it was way too hot (it was 97F) to try to see any more of the park, so we headed back out.

We stopped at the Visitor’s Center to see if they had any cold water bottles, but they didn’t, so we just left and headed farther north on US191 until we spotted a gas station and stopped there.

We each bought a bottle of water and found some shade around the back of the building. We sat there for a while and even talked to some guy that was camping there about his adventures.

After a while we figured it was time to head back to Grand Junction. So we took US191 north to I70 and headed east and back to GJ. Before going to our room though, we decided to hit the local Denny’s for dinner, which was questionable as for the quality of the meal!

Then it was back to our room! The Sena 20s's worked pretty good, on the most part. At least we could hear each other a lot better and didn't have to ask each other to repeat what we just said, like we had to with the Autocoms.

Total miles for Day 13 was about: 325

Day 14 - Thursday September 1st

Planned route for the day:

We were going to ride down to the Laundromat and back and take it easy for the day!

We had done the CO141 and Moab loop the day before and we need some clean clothes to last us through the rest of the trip, so as Dave told a few, “we dawned our boots, jackets, gloves and mounted our trusty steads and rode down to the laundromat to wash our clothes, then headed back". We felt more rest was needed for what we knew we had ahead of us over the next few days!

Total miles for Day 14 was about: 10
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