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2005 ST1300

The ST1300 was introduced to Europe in 2002 and came in three colors. By 2003, it was brought over to the US. They came in two flavors, the ABS and Non-ABS, but one color. The ST1300 is a V4, "Sport Touring" bike. It includes the fairing and saddle bags. An adjustable electric wind screen (since '04), manually adjustable saddle for the rider. 

One very important feature of the ST1300 is the "tip over bars" which are covered by a plastic cover (one on each side) and if the bike tips over, usually the only damage is to the tip over bars covers which are about $15 dollars at your local Honda Dealer. Now, go out and tip over an FJR 1300, Kaw 1400 or BMW1200 and see  how much it costs.

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